Energetic healing

When we wish to enhance our well being or practice energetic healing it must come from a place of potential, not from an understanding of brokenness.

In the beginning of my energetic healing practice, I saw only the things that needed healing in my eyes. And my eyes saw a lot of pain and brokenness. Pain was something negative that needed to be fixed. Throughout the years of spiritual and metaphysical learning my perspective has changed over and over. I heard: step out of the way for healing. Don't go in. Don't take on.

As empathic being I often did not understand how. Even if I wanted to stay out of certain energies I felt myself being pulled in quickly. Receiving much psychic information and thought I should use it anywhere. I learned the hard way, that this not the case. Being highly sensitive is gift that needs a lot of learning. And here I am learning every day. And I truly love it. 

One of my guides told me. When you work on a body of anything. Human, animal, plant, don't heal something broken. See it as perfect already! Play with it, rather then fix it. Don't expect outcomes. Come from a place of potential. Then the whole idea of "healing" can lift itself into a whole new level. 

Also when people receive their reconnection/healing and ask, when shall I come back? Say: You will know, if at all. 

We have to step away from ideas of repetition in healing. Sometimes one session is all that is needed. Deeper levels need selfcare and meditation.

Meditation is one of the most important healing arts anyways. You must develop a practice or ability to listen what is most needed always or you deplete yourself and others.

Some people are not producing enough energy alone and suck it from their environment. That is usually not on purpose, but rather then feeding it, you have to work consciously with the field. 

To clear or heal energetic holes in the aura it takes awareness. More and more will be able to sense and heal those. Being in nature heals the aura and body. The stronger your energetic field the more healing it is also to your surrounding. Isn't that wonderful? A healthy spirit lives in a healthy body.

But again, that does not mean, that people who struggle with their health or anything are broken, they are simply experiencing life in their own way. When they are ready or interested they find their unique way to heal themselves and expand. 

Our body has several energetic fields and all serve a different purpose. Also each and everyone of us are build uniquely, that is why we all needed unique attention. Learn about your emotions is of great value.