The advances of the Language of Light

Lightlanguage is a vibrational interpretation of the souls library or Akash. It has many different variations, from many different star origins, as well as earth vibrations. It holds keys and symbols for the divine DNA to awaken and realign also for healing and/or clearing. Lightlanguage awakens dormant syllables/codes that are in the lightstructure of the Hypothalamus Supracortex.

It opens the spiral to the star ancestral DNA strands. The codings expand above your crown winding into the source directly. It opens upward. Through the heart. You have to step back from the logical mind to activate or receive it. It literally comes through the heart and surpasses the cognitive center in your spine. Hearing messages, channeling higher self aspects and communication with your angelic helpers as well as primary guides is directed through these channels. The back of the neck, the throat, the heart and the crown are higher communication channels. When you begin to connect this way, there will or will not be visual communication, that is up to the readiness of the receiver.