The Power of Focus - Invest in what is in the higher good

Our time and and focus is so valuable. And yes there are active times. Where time seems to speed up and action is required and then there are resting times, where we sit still, observe. Reframe and contemplate. This is an important step for us, other we wouldn't be able to make the changes that are necessary to evolve into our higher expressions. By higher expressions it is not meant as a hirarchical structure at all, it simply means in awareness. Awareness that our choices do effect all of us. Our planet, our friends, families, any being that we share space with. As we focus our time and also our money into truly meaningful activities that feel heart centered and benefit us all, we are more supported than ever. Our planet does need us to make conscious choices! We live on her and we breathe her oxygen. Without her we wouldn't live this incredible precsious life. The things we can do easily to support her are: finding new ways to handle our needs to consume. So many people run on autopilot. We use tons of packaging that are not necessary. We have the choice to buy products that are environmental conscious. Every time we invest a single dollar, do it consciously. Ask yourself, do I really need it? And if so spend it with full gratitude, knowing it will spread its light. Are there activities that would help your community or your environment that you can give for free? Stepping out of the society conditioning is so needed. You are needed! It is time. 

Your focus is power. For all of us.