Alcohol and drugs as a way to hide

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31 Oct

Society offers a pretty cheap and ready  available possibility to drown yourself in forgetfulness.

It opens its arms easily to you and lulls you into a fluffy world of temporary distraction. 

It's shown as a go to, when all is to much, as a social activity even. If not sophisticated. That fine glass of red wine, that supposedly is good for the heart. I had a very different experience with alcohol.

I felt it when the very first sip starting to shift me into a feeling, I haven't known before. My parents called that, it gives you a sphere in the head. Which already tells you, hey it makes you unconscious. In fact my grandmother gave me my first small glass of beer when I was 7. Of course when my parents were not around, they would have protested. Well anyways. People around us live examples, that may not be in our highest interest, although on a spiritual level all of it is a teacher. The trick though is to not succumb to these distractions, as they leave you eventual in a treadmill, that is rather hard to escape from. Usually it becomes so uncomfortable that we are forced to change. I felt very lost and disconnected at times as a teenager, like many and I liked the way I felt with alcohol, so of course I looked for people that enjoyed it just as much. Back then I did not see that it was a problem. I drank for the forgetting. The forgetting, where I have to go. What I have to do. I drank away my future. Interestingly I functioned well, despite that. Everyone I knew practiced that and they seemed fine. The ego of course tells you, those that don't drink are boring. Can't have fun and so forth. Looking back, I can now say. Yes, I did have a problem!

And it made the way harder, then it could have been. And for nothing in the world will I say. Alcohol is ok.

It was indeed a teacher. And I payed the price, physically. Thankfully the body can heal. And realization kicks in. It lead me to look deeper. And to let go. I am glad, I found healing in various ways. And I hope to be an inspiration for those, that maybe are just in the beginning of their way out. 

Life is so much better without these little toxic gremlins.

Get sober, you won't miss one single thing.

You will gain a lot. More of you can come back. 

More of you can participate in life. Your body starts to function on a whole new level.

I have stopped drinking any alcohol 5 years ago and writing it, it sounds so short, yet it feels like forever. I am glad I turned my back.

Source light is so much more fun!!!