Being thought, Aliveness

1 min read
05 Nov

Did you ever find yourself in the same old patterns and situations with people and wonder, how did I get here again? Well I do, and I am not alone. This morning the beautiful reminder came over me, that when I identify with thoughts and even call them MY thoughts, they become mine. My story. Yay. If we chose to believe the thought that serves, great. If we believe the thoughts, that belittle, deminish Nay!

The fantastic reveal though was how we all think we have unique thoughts and then I saw, how even that is a big illusion. The good news? We are all together, always. Never separate. The bad news? There is none. But we might have believed in our separateness through our relationship experiences with literally anything. I saw how humanity is that big hive mind, operating as billions of individuals. How cool is that.

With that so much love arises. I know we are all one and yes there are ever new ways to experience this. But I found it very liberating again, to see how we are being thought, just as how we are being breathed.

Our heart is being pumped. Etc. We don't have to DO any of this consciously. It happens. Now if this is being offered generously by life. What is it, that we can give back to life? And all I could ever think of is having the best experience you can have. Rewarding life for itself. For the joy of being alive. 

So what can you give to life? What is your most alive version?

Give it some thought.

Big embrace,

Mandy and the blueglass and butterflies