How to change your money vibes

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25 Nov

Who hasn't dealt with fear around financial security or money? I think most of us have been in that boat. We take on so many beliefs by the environment we grow up in and later throughout society it becomes often even more confusing. But here is the good news. We can reverse all of it. It takes time and attention, yes. But it is totally doable. Working as an intuitive and in the metaphysical field for some years now, it is pretty clear that everything is energy and moves at a certain frequency and the frequency we are operating in, reflects precisely what we are vibrating. Wether it is conscious or unconscious. Patterns that are held in the body as memories vibrate with us, even if we aren't aware they do. For example you recreate the ever same pattern in your life and you really don't get why this comes up over and over again. In the beginning it is of course frustrating and we act all emotional, even beating ourselves up, that we did this and that wrong..bla bla bla. The truth is they show up, because we are ready to clear them and reframe our story. Often it has several layers to it and it comes in different ways, always giving you the opportunity to chose the best result in the moment. And by best, I don't mean non emotional, but what response feels best to you in that moment. You inform your universe by allowing yourself to feel fully what is going on and then making a conscious action to change that pattern and therefore how your future path will look like. What story will you create for the rest of your life, what do you create for others? Is it in alignment with you true hearts desire? How often do we make ourselves small, because we believe we don't deserve better. It is time to rephrase your life into patterns that truly honor who you are and what you are. It might look different then you think. Be curious, be open. Keep it coming. 

Working on myself I found that I adapted from my mothers side a belief: Money is not important. When I went into that info I was so surprised. Yes that pattern was totally active in me and I had no idea why! Of course money is important. It is a part of this reality and enables us to live our dreams. Now that this is out in the light of my consciousness, it is so funny that I had that running and I can absolutely understand why I saw some things the way they were. What I didn't know is how to change these patterns. The trick is you have to change them consciously and with intent while you are in the active pattern. Meaning you go into meditation and connect with Source and allow yourself to be shown when and what ideas you hold around money. Again. You have to make that consciously. Usually images will pop up right away. Then you ask, who's belief was that? Mothers, Fathers or else? Then you can go deeper. At what age did you start to duplicate that pattern. (That is when it got active in your field) Look and feel the moment you are guided to. Now the next step is really important. Ask yourself if that is really true and send light in. Change the pattern into something that feels right and true for you. Be honest with yourself, don't replace it with something that is too far out of your zone or the gap won't close easily. Make it believable for you. Give gratitude for the change, to Source and to yourself for making that change and watch how your reality begins to reflect a new version. The improved vibrational pattern.

When it comes up in real life and it does not trigger fear, but you feel your inner truth. You got it. If not, there might be some more patterns that hang around, but that gives you more playtime. 

I hope you enjoy this little exercise. I always love feedback on what has shifted for you, and what beliefs you were holding. So let me know.

Also when you consiously acknowledge the shift by speaking or writing, you add to the improvement of your changed reality.

I hope that helps.

Much love and many happy vibes along your path.


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