KLARHEIT - Clarity

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17 Jan

This is going to be centered word for the upcoming year. Something that seems like a word to be remembered again and again. Whenever things get cloudy and they do and they will. By emotions, by lots of changes, by circumstances. Setting the intention and focus to find clarity first and foremost will be my mantra. Becoming the eye of the storm, literally. The witness of all that's going on. Sometimes we dance in it like a leave in a whirlwind, blown here and blown there. Yet then, it settles. 







Art by Rachel BingermanArt by Rachel Bingerman

A good thunderstorm makes great mud. Everything gets stirred up. Flies around. You sobb, you weep.

You laugh, you cry, you look. 

And its changed. In front of you. All of a sudden.

Love changes it all. 





Movement forward. Dancers of the dance of life.

The wheels in the sky keep on turning.

And you are in the middle.

The center of it all.

What a great surprise.

Again and again.

Two nights ago I woke up at night and felt like zap in my heart. I could see it internally like a orange lightning striking inside my heart. I was surprised yet calm. By now I know that these occurrences have greater purpose on our souls and bodies evolution. Yet the meaning of it reveals in the unfolding of the following days. My heart has been shut, like so many of us here on Earth. Layer by layer it opens and reveals its strength and importance once more. Reality changes with it. How do you respond to it? What is it showing you. Kundalini is the word that came with it. The information of Kundalini that is offered in many materials, has never truly resonated with me, I was mostly guided to not read into it by my guidance, rather making my own experience with it. I am very aware of the power of it and therefore handle it respectfully.

Let us live from the heart as best as we can.

A warm embrace,