Letting things go, making room for the new

1 min read
15 Nov

Over the years I have learned a pretty valuable skill. To let go at the right time. I think we all know the feeling when we hold on for too long and it gets too much. We are simply afraid of the void, or that there is nothing after that. We can relate that to many themes in life. Death of a loved one. Romantic relationships. Projects. But also to ideas and beliefs about how life should be or how WE should be, look or behave. We learn from early on to be only happy with the approval of our environment. The cheers from our peers make us happy. Of course. But when we build our happiness on approval, then we are not able to sustain our own inner needs. And our environment may not be served as well. I just left a relationship that kept me depleted more and more, I was hoping it would get better everyday. I learned new things, meditated daily, went regularly to healings and did my job as housekeeper, family manager, courier driver, shopper for 4 + 4 animals etc also called mother. Constantly believing, I need to achieve more, not giving enough... Until I pulled the plug. No more Yes to things that drain your life force. No more Yes to old approval patterns. When it showed up I can say Hi! You again? And make a change. If not we, who else. I love how the energy returns right back and balances when we make decision that nurture us. Is it easy? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. But it is worth it. New pathways can blossom now. We are making room for different ways to be. Different ways to show up. Ways that expand. Not everyone understands what we we have to do ourselves. But we must know. A tree doesn't ask others if he can let go of its leaves. But we humans sometimes think we have to make others happy, when in reality happiness hasn't to do with conditions. But that's another story. 

For now ask yourself, can I make some room for something new to come through? 

And let it go.

Be it energetic and physical.

Make some room.

For more love to come.

With Love,