Meeting a guide from the higher dimensions might look different then you think

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19 Nov

The first time I was consciously introduced to one guide of mine was during my Reiki I class, held by Judy Jellison Sullivan in Houston, Texas. Since I was new to these ideas and concepts I had all kinds of ideas what a guide could like etc. But of course I was also scared to actually meet them. Who knows what would come through. When working with the spiritual realms of course you want your source of information be a loving one, that does no harm. So we sat in a circle for meditation and Judy was guiding us into the realm of our highest knowing. Everyone experiences that differently. I was immediately transported into space. And that has been the case ever since. Growing up linearly thinking I was thought it would be something outside of my self rather then an inner realm. Which is not the case. The guides say. It is only our projected perception that make it so. 

Being led into that space, nothing was really fixed and dense, like in the physical. Doors and walls appeared like in dreams and disappeared immediately when the thought changed. I was led into a hallway of blue light light and the guide that was called appeared beside me. The left side. Which is also representing our intuitive side. The receptive one.

It was not human, no cloak, no face. It was a Beluga whale, gently passing by. I have never had a conscious affiliation with this specific animal. But it the consciousness of that group has a valuable lessons for us. 

 The Beluga whales are first of all white animals.The color white in spiritual terms is often depicted as a symbol for purity, peace and calm. When healing with white light it protects and heals from distortion. The Beluga lives in arctic waters, a rather cold and secluded place to live. They are highly sensitive beings with the abilities of telepathy and so much more. I see them holding a portal for many realms here. When you come close you can feel their calm and loving energy. Very wise and ancient, yet playful. Besides the dolphins they seem more elderly, carrying a different genetic coding and memory. It seems protecting and calming. Whatever they touch is transformed into its essence. Presenting the essential wisdom. Cutting out the background noise. Learning how to use your senses as navigational tool is very important as a sensitive leader. You might need very different environments then others and have to balance your energies and emotions a lot. And that is  ok and wanted. The earth has a long history of distorted emotional patterns and people like you that are sensitive are here to teach a different way. For yourself first and therefore ultimately for the whole.

Use your sensitivity as a spiritual tool and progression will reveal itself in time. 

What do you hear connecting to them? Take a moment.

The message will be personal to you.

I hear : We love you!

Many blessings,

Mandy Dietel