Memories from a different time/Accessing the akashic library

1 min read
14 Mar

As we tap more and more into the akashic library of our planet, we learn to understand and handle our frequency better. As more and more of us are connecting and healing our ancestral lineages, we open new door that have been closed for a long long time on this planet. Also the new frequencies we are receiving right now support amazing opportunities for us to step up the game. We are here to make this world a better place. Healing becomes gentler and quicker than ever. No long procedures needed anymore. Energetic alignment, yes! Listening to what is really true inside?! Required and essential. Healing occurs naturally. Also the integration of the light that enters the planet. It is AmAZING as we tune into this vibrational new territory. In my minds eye I see a massive amount of helpers in our galaxy making sure we are actually using it the right way. Yes, we are monitored by our higher self aspects. Who would have thought. Isn't it funny how we sometimes get lost in the illusion of being all by our selves down here.

What I actually wanted to write about it the one memory that I accessed recently with another healer. I found myself as a being quite tall and with a bird head. I was in one of the temples in Egypt that was directly linked to the Pleaides. I remember it was hard for me to be in the vibration of this planet. I did not like to work in that vibration. Many human beings experienced fear and although it was not my fear, I could feel it and it was so uncomfortable that I'd rather left the planet, but I was on duty, helping. I was not only surrounded by Pleiadeans but also Sirians, which had Catheads. Today we interpret those beings as Deities which were actually our star brothers and sisters. I noticed I did not have emotions like our human friends. So in order to learn about emotions, we incarnate again as humans to heal these aspects of ourselves and to expand consciousness. Nevertheless, since time does only exist in linear time understanding, we are connecting with our other aspects to bring improvement and support into our lives, to assist each other more. Isn't it wonderful, god/dess playing hide and seek with itself. But we are actually changing the trajectories more now. And many of our aspects do understand we are one and the same, meeting the divine in another. Love becomes palpable once more through the earth planes.