Merlin and Co. A healing protocol

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06 Nov

 My trusted healer and go to here in Marietta Georgia is Noelle Abent. Her business is called I highly recommend her services. The second I lay on her table, the colors and energy starts shifting around us. It becomes soft and mystical sometimes, clear and peaceful. Often pink or pearl colors appear, depending on what we will work on. Specific guides appear for different body areas. Today it was Merlin surrounded by purple hues and a softness, I haven't experienced him like this yet. His white beard and grey head made him recognizable. His eyes were wrinkled into a joyful smile, while he leaned over my heart chakra, working on it. 

Noelle is speaking her healing prayer, clouds of white and blue light start to flow from her palms into my field from the right side. Her music is a stellar mix, which enhanced and quickened the dimensional shifting experience. After having several healing sessions together our fields attune easy and quickly. The higher sensory perception is usually enhanced remarkably. On the left side a giant illuminated planetary body appears, I hear the word Venus. The left side of my body is ruled by Venus it seems. Sometimes much of the information is understood throughout the course of the following days. 

I was born into the sign of Taurus, which is according to astrology ruled by this planet. In the past my visitations with Venus, the experience  had been often full of tears, since my energetic body seemed to remember this harmonized state of being and feelings of wanting to "go home" so badly. Over the course of time I learned, that's just not how it works. During our Earthtimes we are here to remember this state and bring it to life, so to speak. Going home happens anyways once the soul has graduated from one Earthlife to another, if so chosen. Not every soul goes back onto the Earth. 

While Noelle started to clear out my heart chakra, were she found an energetic bowling bowl.. that was her description of it. I released a lot of stuck energy from my younger years, when I lived with the second wife of my father, who had been rather difficult for me to live with. She pulled out the energy like thick chewing gum. The brother of my stepmother, which passed on this year after dying of cancer, helped pulling out the muck, while he was making jokes about our relationship. I have taken her way of being way too serious.

But I was young and after the death of my mother, which was a totally different energy, I found it hard to find a mutual connection with her. I am glad, that was being cleared. We can hold on to our grudges without even knowing it way too long. Therefore, my friends, energy work is really important and fun.

Once that was pulled out, I have been shown ethereal cities, I am not quiet sure where they were but the connection of these places started to pour into my heart to build a bridge, with this knowledge and knowing and energetic vibration. It felt wonderful. 

While these adjustments and attunements happen, I often feel beings of light or my team working on several parts of the body. When I focus on them I have to giggle. I also set the intention lately, that the healing work shall be joyful and with laughter as much as possible. The tears rolled in the past more often then they do now. But I can tell you. I had many healings in the last 4 years and I am overly thrilled, that healing and attunements look like this now.

The next thing I know is, the music is changing into some kind of space ship style and whoop, there we are on a huge space ship, with huge windows and many beings strolling along me. One of them had a whitish blue head, with a white suit and only one eye. I know that sounds funny, but hey galactic civilization is not just humanoid. Although he had a pretty humanoid body. They found it funny or maybe normal, that I wanted to apply my human filter on their looks. I have to get used to that. I heard the words Saturn and Uranus, but I am not sure, what that was related to.

After that, Noelle asked me to turn onto my belly, so that she could work on my backside of the body. Feelings of jealousy and a pinch of envy were released, I couldn't see were they were coming from, but I felt the emotion and released it, so that it is no longer lingering in my field. I also had some hooks in my back on the solar plexus, where a person latched into, now it can heal and restore. 

Once a healing session is finished it is always recommended to end with a protection prayer, to keep the field clear and the flow smoothly, while the body processes the shift. 

Noelle is a fantastic healer. She works with inner light therapy, balances chakras and so much more.

I recommend a visit with her.