Redefining Success

1 min read
12 Nov

This morning I woke up and had the prompting to write about the definition of success. First of all it is a concept of running after a specific goal that you have to reach, which takes you right away out your biggest success right now. You are alive, your heart is beating, you are breathing, you can see, smell, touch. You ARE a complete success. Chasing something outside of you is almost a normal game here on Earth. And we are being guided again and again back into the moment. Where we don't need to strive, accomplish, satisfy. It already is. Yet we do it for the fun. And if we are judging it, it becomes harder.

I love to look at things more clearly. Everyday a new perspective. A new way to discover. We think we want to be happy only and wealthy and beautiful (especially women) and yet life brings all kinds of different surprises and situations just for the fun of it. For learning. For growth. 

I was about to say mastery and noticed a reluctance to even write about this word. As mastery seems to imply that there is a Master outside of me, something bigger then that I, my little me. It has to conquer, survive, overcome and I notice it is not even true. There is nothing bigger then or smaller then. It's the world, consciousness looking at itself from the ever same focus point. The billion eyes looking at itself. 

So success in actuality can be called life, or source, or all of the names, we gave to anything. It is all that. All of it. Not one tiny spec less.

So for today and tomorrow, when you get carried away. Remember you are success. Nothing more and nothing less.

With light, love and laughter,