Tara and crystal grids

1 min read
13 Nov

Go into mediation and imagine you are a tree, growing deep roots into the ground. Meet down there all the roots from the other trees. Can you feel the connection and the bigger network of all life flowing through all of us? Today in my meditation I became Tara the tree again.

She was huge and firmly rooted, through her body I felt green cystaline pulses running up in pumping motion. It flew effortless. I only had to feel, breathe and remember. Despair is a normal sensation on Earth, it comes in times of changes and indeed the Earth is rapidly changing and so are you, my friend. But that does not need to be reason of concern, rather celebration of new becoming. A tiny acorn once become this tall tree and it took years! Many layers of bark had to grow. The once tiny thin seedling became taller and stronger, with each wind and rain blowing over him. Even trees have to overcome stormy weather, but they don't have mouths to complain. haha. So complain not, but look forward to the growth coming from stormy weather. Celebrating the different branches of life. The leaves that soak up the sunshine, after the rain passed. Enjoying the birds building their nests in its branches. Raising their babies. Witnessing leaving their nests and fly on. Housing raccoons, snakes, ants and so much more. There is so much to observe and become. So toss your worries over to spirit and sail on. Out of the tree might become a sailboat or a house or a fire log, turning back in the alchemical fire, becoming nourishment for the soil and the next seedling. It is a never-ending cycle. And you are in the middle of it. One with it all. 

Now take a deep breath and swing your hips out into nature.

You won't regret it.

Much love,

the trees