The Magic of holding space

1 min read
05 Apr

There are many forms to bring transformation. One of the most important ones, are holding sacred space. What does that actually mean? From the heart we create an amazing sound field that encompasses everything around us. When we get in contact with a certain place, another human or an animal we feel them. Secondly we decide how we interact with them. A sacred space is created with intention of utter respect and acknowledgement of the divinity of this moment and the connection that we share. Once the heart is fully activated, you can feel this presence, that is purely loving. It is neutral and in joy of the unfolding of creation in front of itself. From that place everything is possible. That is fairly new to humans but more and more souls reactivate this ability and it spreads beautifully around the globe and into the Universe. Everytime we consciously tune into the coherence of the heart, we signal our awareness is going towards union with the divine. A vibratory state of coherence. The open heart is so magnificent  and feels it's connection to everything. For the human physical vessel it needs time to hold these vibrations longer. That is the reason, why we meditate, we do Yoga, we walk in nature often. It transforms the dullness. It ripples through the ethers. It radiates into your relationships. Life becomes more joyful and reciprocative. It is in awe and wonder that we witness this path of Ascens-ion into our higher states as a collective. 

Have you ever noticed when your heart holds space for another, that the person in front of you becomes witness of their own beauty and their true magnificence? All doubt melts, as they remember, who they truly are. That's the magic. Something we can all give to each other more often. And as we do that, we make the changes in life that truly lead to a more loving world. We take better care of ourselves, of the earth and the species that share space with us. I think we sometimes have forgotten that we came into natures territory and we are here to respect and honor it. Let superiority of the mind be a humble tool to do better. Imagine what we can build when we take Earths instructions?!

Let's hold space for that and make a difference. 

Thank you!