Unleash your creativity

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29 Jan

This year beckons us to put our visions boldly into the world. To get closer with your vision, you will have to bring your ideas onto paper in some form. Holding the vision only in our heads, doesn't make them real. That's our creative job. I learned a wonderful technique from Sage Adderly Knox, a self-published author that made it her vision to help as many writers as possible to get their books written. It is called the brain dump.

You take pen and paper and you begin to ask about your project or book, what it wants to be like, what words, colours , images come to mind. How does it feel? You can also use this process for any area in your life that you would like to awaken. Write everything down that wants to come out. It might be messy and not pretty at all in the beginning. But you can see your thoughts on paper and you can then chose which idea is worth to follow and where you would like to primarily focus on. The more you do this, the clearer the vision. AND it gets more depth! It literally feels like a spring cleanse of the mind, when you allow it to be on paper. Some of the biggest blocks that creatives have, that we can envision tons of projects and are simply overwhelmed even thinking about them, but this needs to be overcome by simply setting a daily writing or painting or even collaging technique. 

It also signals your brain and your soul, you are committing to it, so it brings you more oportunities to expand into it. Don't be surprised what hidden beliefs will jump and scream at you. Trust me they will come and they will be loud! But you can do it anyways. You are born to create something unique and it will be successful if you can love the steps that you are taking.

I hope I could encourage you, to get your ideas out. 

Send me a note, if I can help you to realign your vision and encourage you to stay on track.

Much love,

Mandy Detail