Why would you want to have a conversation with people who have passed.

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27 Oct

Reason number one, because it is fun to talk to the infinite. From their side of the veil the perspective on life is unlimited, maybe limited to opinion, but at least less limited then our little human selves. Reason number two, why not. We are taught to figure things out, but what if we don't have to figure all things out by ourselves, what if the universe wants to help us, to find the right job or the best food for your body or the best healing technique for you. We are so used to seek in books, when the answer is right here at hand. And there is of course value to each of our experiences. Sometimes a little nudge in the right direction may lead us away from some alleys that are too much for us, into those that are really fun.

Just for today, take a pen and paper and sit down for 5 minutes, write down what you would ask the person that had passed over and sit still with it, until you receive their answer. They communicate in subtleties, there will probably not be a booming voice that speaks to you, although I read some people had that kind of experience. Usually the answer comes in a knowing. In symbols, colors, memories and so forth. As soon as you receive them allow them to take you into a conversation of imagery. Ask further questions. That is how you connect and strengthen this unseen communication. You will be surprised were it leads you.

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