Write yourself a letter from your souls perspective

1 min read
01 Nov

Creative writing - I invite you to rekindle your writing passion. And if you didn't have a passion for it yet, its time to discover it for you. There is something really satisfying in reading your own creation, once you huddled through, I am not good enough bs.

Try to write everyday 3 pages, I heard thats how some authors wrote many of their books. 

If you would write a letter to yourself. Like an angel hovering above the earth watching down on you. Imagine how much bigger you would go with your dreams and perspective for this world.

Would you still linger in your little problems and small struggles growing them bigger and nurture them until they grow over your head? Literally.  Thoughts can become so heavy, that they block your sight.

No! The answer is NO! Most likely not. We are all procrastinators sometimes. And thats ok. But if we really want to change something in our life, we have to look at ourselves with loving eyes. With the eyes of our soul. Not the critical eyes of our parents, siblings, family members or people in our lives that love to delve in problems, and not looking for solutions. WE have to love ourselves more then we ever did. Every day a little bit.

Start believing in yourself. You are not alone here. And you never were and never will be. It sometimes seems like it. But it's not true. Your soul knows always where you are and what you do at all times. It doesn't judge you, if you feel lost, drained or hopeless. It will send you the right nudges, when you are able and ready to see them. You know these little hints and clues that suddenly pop up in your experience. The feather on the ground, the butterfly fluttering by. If you really pay attention even the tree on a fall day starts shedding their leaves right in front of you. Did you notice spirit is wanting you to acknowledge that and feel the joy that spirit feels with you as you do?

You are a child of the Wholy Source that brings forth all of creation. It flows for you, with you, through you at all times. And the more you engage with it, listening to your intuition, the more reality starts to engage with you as well to align you with the right people at the right time in the right place. It feels synchronistic and fun! Now I am not saying there won't be contrasting situations that you will have to handle and yet if you can handle them from a place of appreciation and openness, knowing that all has it's purpose, even the most outrageous things. You ARE an important creator being on this planet, you can move forward with a lighter step. You drop the backpack of sorrows and move. At your pace. At your unique rythm. Pay attention to what you need in order to be healthy, vibrant and productive or active in your life. You decide what is best for you. If all people on this planet would listen more to their intuition, this planet would radiate into all corners of this universe. WE are getting there. Don't forget, thinking habitual mind and intuition have to merge and sync. To differentiate when only one is operating. It feels unbalanced and not good. Heavy or negative. In that case simply stop and take note, is there a better way for me right now, to act or think? If there is a course correction, good! Make it a practice to act on these notes before they spin into a full blown negative expression, that takes a long time to deactivate. The more we pay attention to these moments, the easier we will navigate in life. Stay in love, stay in your source and true inner knowing, that you are always loved, always connected. Bless someone with a kind word or smile today. It brightens our day. We love to see you shine.

Thank you and much love,